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Smail minus 42

When the old is so new.

With two Grand Prix and a World Endurance event on the cards, I was wanting to understand more, to understand why and how my images were looking like they did and how do I make them better. So I went on an educational course. My experiences at Silverstone earlier in the year had given me…


From 200 to 300 and back again.

2104 was a first for me. The inspiration of the Grand Prix, witnessed first hand is an experience I will never forget. I was inspired, and unfortunately for the wallet, wanted to experience even more. After my “success” with my photographic efforts in 2014, and I will call them a success as they were images…

Standing Straight

Early season endurance.

I didn’t know much about the WEC until about two weeks before this inaugural race of the 2015 season, but with some Aussie Grit in the mix, it was well worth the visit. Tickets for the WEC were a bargain, and while this series may not have the following of the F1 masses, it was…