Again…I got roasted at the British GT on Sunday.

Silverstone provided a day of exquisite sunshine, following a typical dreary morning. Of course, I went out with no sunscreen and a hoody, expecting a luke warm and blowy day that is usually the norm. But I got it wrong.

Those of you who happen to follow my instagram feed you may have seen the story post I put up the other day in regards to enthusiasm for this photography thing.

If you missed it, it read something like the following; 

In all honesty, I find my enthusiasm for photography and images of cars beginning to wane…

In all honesty I do. In fact, I’m becoming really bored of it, close to the point that I may shoot less. Why? Well, it’s a bit of a dead horse which I’m reluctant to continue flogging.  From my point of view, and despite my best endeavor, it’s just not getting me or my aspirations, anywhere.

Yes I enjoy the cars, but I would rather be driving them. Likewise, I enjoy the challenge of trying to bag a decent picture… and as I repeat myself again…but I’m loathed to keep on investing time and cold hard cash for nothing much more than Instagram likes and web stats. Some folks don’t mind that. I do.

So I’m huffing and puffing. Gloomy Gus. Then the devil on my shoulder pipes up; 

You’ve, met some top folks on your travels and learnt a few things along the way. You’ve refined your eye and opened doors to future opportunity, hell people from all over the world appriciate what you do…and some of them have even bought your book!

That they have. And that’s one reason why I continue to aspire to take better images. That’s why I keep on writing these inane blogs of what are essentially me talking to myself for your amusement, because I don’t often get to chat to folks about this hobby or creativity for that matter.  I see this as valid way to express and share what I’m trying to do in today’s modern, screen based society.

The small, but very loud sensible morsel of brain I have tells me to stop wasting time and money on a past-time that is promoting an industry populated by people who hold limited value – nay understanding – over a creative image. I agree, images are ten-a-penny and yes, ask any experienced, educated media savvy office bod; anyone can take a photo, quite literally.

For arguments sake, yes, anyone can actually take a photo.

Whether it’s actually any good is a long and fruitful debate full of context and philosophy, but on the whole and for purposes intended; typically in this case, a run of the mill advert you see printed in the clip-art style programme designed by Doris in Word 2011, they are totally apt. Especially as there no money in motorsport.

Pull the other one. It’s got giant flopping, ring-a-ding-a-ling bells on it.

So my punk rock brain tells me to f*ck it all up. To have a go at injecting a dose of zizz into this mundane, repetitive menagerie of button clicking, back slapping and association.

On a side note…who thought that was a good idea huh? Who was it that came up with the theory that offering recognition as a form of payment for work was a good thing?

What. A. Dick. Anyway, I digress.

So, I’m walking around Silverstone, again, getting toasted, again, thinking to myself how I can capture better images, and I think back to a conversation I had on instagram a few weeks back with other fellow enthusiasts.

One of the comments made was about application, and how the images are used. Suddenly I turn in to Cher, turn back time and find a way. It’s just dawned on me what may well be a good idea. I can’t spill the beans any further or the effect will be lost, but from my initial thoughts the idea has more legs than an F1 grid.

I just need to get on with it and make it happen – Application is the key.

Despite the routine and rigmarole of trying to take pictures of the same cars, at the same race track, at the same race as last year…I may have discovered a little beam of light that could be what not just myself, but many others are searching for.

It simply requires that little application. As the old adage goes, if you want something doing…do it yourself. Watch this space.