I’ve now been fortunate enough to get to seven Grand Prix.

I haven’t won the ticket, nor am I loaded from lottery winning that allow me to walk around summer Silverstone waving my camera about. Each one has been saved for and bought, and then I mount heaps of pressure on myself, as I try and make the most of each opportunity.

I have to get some additional value out of the weekend. Why I can just sit and watch is beyond me. Crazy huh.

I love the F1’s, as I’ve mentioned before, and will hopefully continue to be able to enjoy them into the future. I would also like to continue enjoy trying to take images of them in my own frenetic style as I quite enjoyed the weekends search for shots through all mesh and Hamilton hats.

No less a challenge to past years, where I have trod the familiar gravel paths of Silvers, getting oddlooks from other punters as I frown my way through the camping chairs and swathes of those plastic Heineken beakers. (although this year, folk were pretty good and putting litter in the bins provided I noticed) but I treat each visit as if it’s is some sort of test..to see if I’ve improved in the hope that my ‘talent’ may get noticed.

I was hoping for a little sun…fat chance. I was also hoping that I would be able to capture some tasty scenes despite my time away from snapping pics of fast cars. I’ve only been to two other events this year, a far cry from the 19 that I managed in 2017 when the enthusiasm was high.

Yes it was all very familiar, it was all very Silverstone, even the weather played ball and provided that brilliant grey for most of the F1 action…but I still enjoyed it.

Was it the subject matter? The atmosphere and colours on display? I don’t know. But it enthused me like I haven’t been enthused for a long while. I felt challenged and I persevered.

I didn’t find it easy – not at all – if anything it was made more difficult than years before, as the crowds were busier which meant searching for theose angles was even harder. Familiar spots already covered in sausage rolls and picnic blankets. I was also wary of repeating images. I could have so easily realed off a bunch of pans…but chose to try some different things.

So I stacked some teleconverters on my 300, resulting in some sort of 840mm (I think) lens that the camera wouldn’t register properly and snapped away.

Manual focus. Manual Metering. I love a challenge.

But I enjoyed it. It was good fun. I have no idea if the images I’ve taken are of any creative quality, a few are slightly out of focus, and yes, I relied on techniques I’ve used in the past, but it was a hoot and I am pleased with my efforts.

So here it is. A special gallery of my efforts from the 2019 British Formula One Grand Prix.

Please feel free to comment either on here or via my instagram and pass on your thoughts, as it’s always good to hear what folks think about what I try to do.

As always, cheers for your support and taking a peek… I might be back for one more, later in the summer…

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