The Blank Canvas.

Some say that a blank canvas is the way to find true creativity. A way to let your mind run free without constraint or manipulation. It allows you to utilise whatever tools and media you want, to make the most of the space and apply your ideas in any which way you see fit. It’s…

Colours of the Kerb

The First Version.

One of the final trips of the season; a journey to the plains of Snetterton and the inaugural Prototype Cup meet. It’s not often you get to watch, let alone shoot the first of what may well be a pretty big deal. I wasn’t convinced that it would be worth the drive on the Saturday;…


The dust of Norfolk.

Another visit to the British GT, but my first visit to Snetterton and the tranquil turns of this central Norfolk circuit. Alright, so they were not so tranquil especially due to the 30 or so cars that were lined up on the grid for this the pen-ultimate round of the 2016 British GT Championship. I…

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