Moisture. The more you get in racing, the less grip there is. It’s not a drivers favourite, it’s not a photographers favourite, but the avid viewer appears to love it.

I was hoping that the weather would relent for my first experience of the British GT at Silverstone for two reasons; I’m not keen on standing around in the rain, and neither is my camera.

So with yet another parameter thrown into the mix, I reluctantly donned my waterproof jacket, stocked up on plastics bags and headed up to the big S to find a few dry angles.

I knew before I arrived at the circuit that this particular visit would be especially challenging.

If you also are partial to the odd motorsport snap, and you have visited the world of Sliverstone, you’ll know that it isn’t the easiest place to shoot, even on the sunniest of summer weekends, never mind a day of incessant grey sky and drizzle.

But ever the optimist, I saw this as further opportunity to test my eye and work around this most difficult of adversities, to capture a few frames of the damp action.

The rain wasn’t even decent rain. It was that fine stuff that just keeps coming in all directions…up, down, sideways and soaks everything.

My biggest problem with wet weather racing is this; I love the mixture of water and fast cars.

Not for the potential of accidents mind you. Simply for the reaction of this extra, fluid element that gives away so much of what air simply does not.

Wet tracks, mean you see the grip the cars generate. You can see the speed and airflow over cowling and through diffusers and spoilers. It adds reflection to otherwise matt tarmac and forms wonderful steam off hot brakes. It’s like an additional giveaway to what is actually going on and adds a further dynamic to images that can look very dramatic.

Plenty of elements to get creative with the camera. Hindsight a wonderful thing.

The rain wasn’t even decent rain. It was that fine stuff that just keeps coming in all directions…

This was my inaugural experience shooting in wet conditions. It was a challenge mostly because I was especially under-prepared. My supply of plastic bags just didn’t cut it.

Sure the rain did relent as the afternoon went on, so much so the slicks went on and the dry lines became wider…but as you probably know by now if you keep up with my blogs, I’m not going to let a few rain drops, or a catch fence slow me down.

I simply see that as part of the challenge and I have to learn to work around these things.