Zero Chance

Changing My Mind.

Experiments are often a good thing. They can test you in both knowledge and capability. They make you step out of your comfort zone and help you think a little more. I should try experiments more often. If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you’ll have no doubt experienced the frustrations I…

The one behind

The ones that get away.

During most of the events I get out to, there are usually several grids of glory hungry racers to take advantage of. To not take advantage of them would be a waste of laps and camera handling practice. For sure, there are occasions where I’ll use the support races to review a few images, take…

Through the fence

Knowing when to stop.

Part of the reason why I take images of motorsport is the challenge. I like the idea of the variety, the creativity and the thinking behind the images. But occasionally, like with many things, you have to know when to stop; to call it quits and take make an early trip home. My visit to…

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