Too Many Frames

A Blurred Background.

Somebody once told me that blurring a background doesn’t make a motorsport image. I laughed at that statement. Some of the most inspirational motorsport images I’ve seen have been blurry. Now I may have taken it out of context; this worldly advice was passed over on the wonder that is Twitter, where context and tone…

Slow for the camera

With good days come bad days.

It was to be expected at some point. Having a bad day. So far this year I’d had quite a few progressive days, learning and experimenting, only to top those experiences at the next event. But a day like this had to come soon enough. I put it down to experience, and being too cold.…


It pays to read the instructions.

The more events I attend, the more images I take. The more images I take, the more I want to know about the technicalities behind the shots. The more I want to understand why different results happen. I’ve had my Nikon D300s since 2010, and while it’s seen a bit of use over the years,…

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