This is personal blog from which I publish and write about my experiences taking pictures of cars, as well as sell and make for sale, several products to help me further my past time.

This website collects and may prompt you to divulge a variety of personal data which is used in several ways, from commenting on my material to making a purchase. To try and comply with the European GDPR, I am obliged to let you know where and when your data is recorded, how it is used and stored, which I shall try and detail below.

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Using this website.

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Comments are stored on a secure database, and are visible on the website to all users. Contact emails are delivered to a secure IMAP mailbox accessed by only myself from a private terminal. Emails are deleted when no longer required. they are not added to a mailing list, nor passed on to any third party. As this is a WordPress powered website, you may also have details stored in a wordpress account that can also be used to add comments – please check the WordPress privacy policy about how they use and protect your data in this regard.

Subscribing to the Emailer.

As a reader, you are at liberty to subscribe and unsubscribe to my mailing list as you see fit.  If you subscribe, you should be asked to confirm your email address with a secondary email. Your details are then held on a third party servers with Mailchimp – please read the Mailchimp privacy policy in regards to how they secure your information. To delete your information from the mailing list, either follow the links seen at the bottom of every email you receive, or simply ask me to remove you via the contact form.

This website will only ask you for an email address and nothing more in order to subscribe – I’m not in the habit of collecting people private data or sending out spam.

Purchasing from the Shop.

If you make a purchase from the shop, of course, you will need to supply your details for payment and the delivery of your purchase.

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Should ypou wish your detail to be removed at any time or have any question about your information in any regard, please get in contact.