It was to be expected at some point. Having a bad day. So far this year I’d had quite a few progressive days, learning and experimenting, only to top those experiences at the next event.

But a day like this had to come soon enough. I put it down to experience, and being too cold.

Once again I failed to anticipate the Silverstone micro-climate and was easy meat for the relentless late spring chill.

It wasn’t such a bad day in that I didn’t get any shots – far from it, I managed to get quite a few images that I am now happy with looking back through the gallery.

The day was just uncomfortable, and I couldn’t get into any groove at all.

Most days out shooting, it’ll take me a little time to get my eye in, but once I do, the decent frames feel like they come easier.

It wasn’t one of those days.

I guess it’s all down to practice, but at the Blancpain GT series endurance at Silverstone, I could not get into any zone at all, letting myself get frustrated by just about everything, even finding myself isolated out at Becketts when the race had finished, after making a 5:15 dash to grab a few frames.

The race finished at 6.

Like a say, the day wasn’t all that bad however. I met Nathan from Aussie who was on a tour of Europe shooting a variety of motorsport events, and spent a few hours shooting the breeze.

I also managed to make the most of the space and lack of spectators (which was surprising) and get a few slow ones with the wide angle. Even getting as slow as 1/15 as the cars floated around the Luffield complex.

That is some improvement on my efforts the week before.

And of course there’s the final gallery. Next event, I’ll have to make sure I get a better nights sleep before!