Behind the Fence : Volume 03

For a third and final time, in March 2019, I produce what would be the last of my folio books, documenting images taken over the 2018 UK motorsport season. 

Initially, I wasn’t keen on producign this third volume; the effort and time that setting book takes, combined with the cost and my waning enthusiasm for the hobby, meant that I was reluctant to begin, however, after many requests for a third edition, I put time into this final edition.

This volume was slightly different that the others, as I used this last fooio to try to convey some of my ideas about motorpsort photograhpy, to offer a little more insight into how i approach capturing my image and my attitudes towards the creativity behind them, the thinking being that other may find this helpful toward building thier own ideas.

The final piece containined over 130 images in both mono and colour, as well as approximate 4,000 words of insight and proved incredibly popular, selling 38 copies to customers from all over the globe, much to my suprise.

A fitting way to finish, with some lovely feedback from appriciative peers. 

Behind the Fence : Volume 02

After the awesome reception Volume 01 received, It was only right to produce a second folio book, documenting my photography progression over the 2017 season.

Finished in late January 2018, the second edition was different from the first, consisting of 132 pages of full colour images, complete with short narratives about my experiences and learnings I’d gained over the previous months adventures.

This folio was well received, and like the first, was purchased by supportive folk from around the world; 22 copies were sent to Canada, Russia, Mexico France and Germany, as well as fellow photographers and fans around the UK.

Behind the Fence : Volume.01

Behind the Fence was a limited edition photo book I created in early 2017 to record some of my favourite images from the previous years experiences around the race circuits I was lucky enough to visit.

It was an 88 page full colour hard back book, which I initially intended to produce for myself and myself only.

To my surprise, upon tweeting that I was going to make myself a book, some folks expressed interest in owning a copy. I had 14 produced in total, which were eventually sent around the world, to supportive folks in the UK, France, Russia, Canada and Australia.

The book received a fantastic response, which was of a great confidence boost to myself and my photography and of course hatched plans to create a second version next year, documenting favourite images I capture over the course of the 2017 motorsport season.