I had great plans at the start of the year for getting back on the photographic merry-go-round, beginning a new project and regaining a fresh enthusiasm for my imagery, but unfortunatley that hasn’t happened.

Like many, this year has been a bit uncertain and because of that, the more exciting things have been put on hold.

In the future I’ll have the capacity and to enthusiasm to realise them.

However, I’m still keen to keep on with my photography, and have been taking some time, albeit a lot less than before, to get out and hone those lens wielding skills.

This autumn weekend, I had a choice of the British GT finals, at the always enamouring rolling hills of the Donington Park Circuit, or the dulcet grey tones of a bleak and windswept Silverstone for the HSCC finals.

I chose Silverstone, being it’s closer to home and it was raining in the morning, and I’m not keen on early starts.

Yet despite the greyness, and the circuits featureless vistas, I had a lot of fun.

I last walked around Silverstone in 2019, and I noticed quite quickly that the circuit has developed a bit; old views obstructed, areas cordoned off and new grandstands have sprouted from the gravel.

Not that this made for any new compositional opportunities, but added to the challenge of finding some angles, particularly as I haven’t really shot there for some time.

Back in 2019, I’d had enough of Silverstone for a life time. I hated the pace and it’s monotonous views.

But the extneded break has reignited something, but in a different way.

My random visit, made me ponder that perhaps I still enjoyed my photography, perhaps I was still enamoured with the sights and sounds of the racetrack. I might just need to shoot less, to enjoy it more.

I used to get all hung up about my images being too similar or repetitive, that quest for originality really used to do my head in…but there’s something about the odour of spent race fuel that I quite enjoyed.

Perhaps, the constant push for learning and perfection actually hindered my enjoyment of taking the images. Perhaps I lost sight of what photography is to me in the quest for followers and popularity. Perhaps, the routine of regular racetracks actually hindered my enjoyment?

I think so. it occurede to me that I just like going to watch the racing every now and again…and perhaps take few snaps while I’m at it, to make the most of an opportunity.


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