The time that visiting events accommodates is great. It’s not really feasible to visit a race every weekend, as there are other things that need doing; living for example, so it’s often tricky to decide on which events visit, especially when you have no experience of them.

You have to plumb for one and make the most of what you get sometimes.

I try to choose wisely, attempting to make the best choice for not only the purposes of my photography practice, but also for the best subject matter. Which races would be the most interesting to shoot, as well as which circuit.

Now the latter can’t really be an excuse, as to date I have only been to three circuits, and this trip up to Donington Park was one I had to take, if anything to acquaint myself with a new location.

I liked it a lot. Plenty of angles to explore, and few features and ample opportunity get clear shots of the cars on track from behind the wire.

It was also a beautiful sunny day, which morphed out of the most dreary morning possible. I love it when 11 degrees and damp mist turns into 25 degrees and bluebird skys.

A perfect day for exploring the track, prying angles and generally scoping the circuit ready for future visits.

Donington is certainly a decent venue that I’m sure thrives as I have heard when there is a little more action on the tarmac.

Unfortunately, my decision to shoot the Sunday was a poor one. Saturday turned out to be the day to absorb the Britcar at Donington.

Not that super karts or junior saloons aren’t decent subjects to shoot, and I made the most of the opportunity for practice, but with only 11 cars competing in the days three, 50 minute Britcar sprints, it all got a bit repetitive, so I skipped the last race in preference of an earlier trip home.

The Saturday endurance round witnessed a more wholesome field, so my poor judgement in that regards did me few favours.

A little disappointment in not being able to shoot an extensive grid that I had hoped for, but the rapid, miniature nature of the karts, combined with the youthful exuberance of the teen saloon races made for an entertaining watch and of course many laps to capture some images.

This day was also my first with two camera bodies – my recently acquired D700 and with the trusty D300s on the side ready for some slower or wide angle scenarios. I found this much more preferable than using a single body, as I didn’t have to keep changing lenses. Less time messing about, which wasn’t a disappointment all. I managed to capture one of my slowest images yet.

Jamey Price once told me to go for more blur. 1/5th of second is pretty good for me, and blurry in all the right places!