I’ve been a bit flummoxed as to what to write for this blog, I’ll admit.

The snow, 76mm, and a few interesting conversations of a photographical nature have all be at the fore of my mind, but none have inspired the usual cacophony of words to plop from my brain into the keys.

Part of that is due to a lack on motivation to get out and shoot this season. Honestly, I’ve not felt the same drive to get to the circuits as I have over the past couple of years.

Last years multiple visits to Silverstone and Brands Hatch have made me more aware of locations I’m visiting; I’m not keen to spend too much time at those local tracks for the sake of variety, but then that narrows the opportunities considerably without the addition of extra time and expense, two huge contributing factors.

I’m also feeling rather loathed this year to shoot the same subjects as last; British GT, the Blancpain and BTCC are all far toO similar to the season before in terms of cars and scenery, unless of course, I travel about.

The historic racing scene appears to offer far greater variety, different racing and regular events, so that may be a route to explore, but the location conundrum still pokes its familiar face into the fray. 

Do I continue to put considerable time and effort into a hobby, that has yet to provide any tangible fruit and probably won’t considering the competition?

It is a hobby after all, but is it going anywhere? Currently, just Silverstone and Brands Hatch! 

I asked myself that question many times as I stood in the freezing cold at Goodwood 76mm having forked out over £100 for the privilege.

Not that the day was a waste of time, not at all – money well spent in my opinion and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The racing was spectacular, with cars of infamy and pricelessness going full bore in conditions that were classed as ‘a risk to life’ by the mainstream media and meteorological services.

There were of course a few spills, together with some genuinely inspired driving. Most certainly what you want to see at a classics racing event, rather than people pottering around not risking anything.

But part of me would have been content just watching the spectacular racing, enjoying the machinery, a fine cuban and perhaps a cheeky winter warmer with friends rather than struggle to be photographically creative for a blog and perceived unending quest for social popularity.

Weighing up the pros and cons is what this year is all about. There’s many a passionate soul out there who relentlessly flog that photo horse, and fair play to them if they feel they are achieving their aims. It takes great dedication and persistence.

For Me? I’m searching for the sense of achievement, I like to know what I’m attempting to create is of note, but I’m starting to wonder if that aim is actually appropriate, considering the effort expended.